Webinar: Furlough scheme updates

How businesses can adapt over the coming months


"Great session - always informative" - Angela

"Thanks very much Jodie - very helpful and clear" - Bruce

What is happening with the new flexible furlough scheme now that updated guidance has been released on June 12th? How can your business adapt accordingly?

In this webinar about the latest furlough updates, we are joined by Jodie Hill, MD and Employment Solicitor at Thrive Law, who will guide you through the flexible furlough scheme updates and discuss how they affect employers, including:

- How the scheme will be changing over the coming months
- How employers will be contributing financially to the furlough scheme
- Flexible and part-time furloughing

Further resources

Please note that this webinar uses the information that was available in June 2020. There have since been update announcements for the furlough scheme, which you can read about in this government press release.