Webinar: How SMEs can take a proactive approach to staff mental health


How can SMEs proactively ensure positive staff mental health even in times of uncertainty and change?

Our guest speaker, Chartered Occupational & Health Psychologist Mark Cheesman from Magdala Psychology, outlines key strategies that help SMEs become proactive with maintaining good mental health across the organisation.

In this webinar, Mark will run through several different ways to better understand and approach mental health in the workplace, including:

  • How to start conversations about mental health in the workplace
  • Providing mental health training for employees
  • Undertaking workplace mental health assessments
  • Mental Health First Aid courses for SMEs

Further resources

You can access a copy of Mark's slideshow used for the webinar here: How SMEs can take a proactive approach to staff mental health

Also, in response to a question we received about signposting to resources, Mark wished to point viewers towards this helpline directory where you can find various local, age group, and topic-specific helplines in relation to mental health.

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