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4 of April’s best Employee Engagement blogs

Employee engagement tips and advice

We’ve seen some really thought-provoking blogs on employee engagement this month, not only about how to get staff motivated and inspired, but also how this can improve business performance.

Four articles in particular really caught our eye, so we thought we would share them with you here.

The art of icebreakers

Ever struggled to get staff engaged at meetings? This blog post by engagement agency, Involve, has some fun and innovative suggestions:

Personally, the idea of participating in an icebreaker at times makes me shudder with discomfort.

The notion of getting to know one’s neighbour by patting them on the back and giving them a high-five can at times feel a little contrived to say the least.

But no matter how badly thought out or unoriginal it may be, an icebreaker always seems to be a better alternative to…Read more

Power to the people

Are you considering remote working for some of your staff? This article by employee engagement solutions provider, Grass Roots, suggests this could increase both employee wellbeing and retention:

Most of us know at least a couple of people who work from home. And although we might tease them about spending all day in their dressing gown watching Jeremy Kyle, we know that isn’t really the case.

In fact, research tends to show that home working can be more productive than… Read more.

Six ways to beat the afternoon slump

Do your staff suffer from that terrible daily threat to staff engagement: the afternoon energy slump? Employee engagement platform provider, Reward Gateway, offers these simple tips to help your staff stay perky throughout the pm:

You know that feeling when you arrive at work in the morning, full of energy and positivity ready to tackle the world.

Well, imagine that could stay with you all day long. But just look around your office, take a trip onto the shop floor or get out amongst your team after 3 p.m. in the afternoon, and that energy is gone…Read more

How to get HR valued by the CEO

Is the value of your staff engagement efforts also registering with your CEO? This blog post by staff survey experts, People Insight, highlights how using employee engagement strategies to support business performance can make all the difference:

A recent survey of 1250 HR leaders undertaken by Harvey Nash, showed that 66% of senior HR people believe the CEO undervalues the top HR leader compared to, say, the CIO or CFO.

According to Jeff Schwartz, principal at Deloitte Consulting; “CEOs are interested in revenue growth, profitability, innovation and the ability to retain customers…they are interested in business and talent issues, but not HR issues…Read more

Need more advice on employee engagement?

We hope you enjoyed reading the above blogs as much as we did!

That said, our own HR blog also contains a lot of advice on staff motivation, performance management and other HR issues. Just click here for more gems of HR advice.

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