Employee database software

Our HR software platform includes a powerful HR database for organising employee records. Achieve more with your people data using the best employee database software for SMEs.

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HR database software

Employee record management is no longer limited to spreadsheets and paper files; with HR software, your employee database becomes simpler to use and more accessible. An online HR database also ensures everyone has access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Our HR employee database software feature helps business owners and managers monitor and update employee and company information within an accessible yet secure system. Plus, self-service and reporting features help you save time on keeping everything updated and making data-led business decisions.

Employee database software

HR database software benefits

  1. Oversee essential staff information

    Quickly search for employees by name, location or department. See a summary of factors such as their working hours, pay and benefits, absence record, holiday entitlement, training record, appraisals, and pending/read documents. All the HR information you need for an employee is easy to update, find and manage as part of a comprehensive staff management system.

  2. Update details across your organisation

    As well as viewing individual employee files, you can also make changes to information across your organisation using myhrtoolkit as your HR database. With the bulk data management feature, it’s easy to update company and staff information such as job titles, departments and locations, and contact details.

  3. Keep sensitive information secure and compliant

    Myhrtoolkit is a highly secure HR software system with a dedicated Security Centre. The system can help you ensure your employee database is secure and only accessible to the right people. Having all your information in one central place also makes it easier to remain employment law compliant, as you retain important employee information within one system.

  4. Save time with a self-service HR database

    Myhrtoolkit has employee self-service features to make it easier for everyone to manage and update their own information in the staff database. Staff can make sure their details are up to date to save you time on updating everyone’s records and chasing for information.

    You can choose which details are editable and receive notifications of any changes to make sure everything is accurate.

  5. Create reports for key business insights

    Another benefit of an online employee database is that HR information is easier to use for business management progress. The HR reporting tools within myhrtoolkit empower you to make data-led decisions through accessing the wealth of information your employee database software holds.

Employee database benefits

  • A centralised place for employee information
  • Available on desktop and mobile for flexible access
  • Self-service options reduce admin burden
  • A clear digital paper trail for compliance and appraisals
  • Staff always have the organisational information they need
  • Secure data access levels for employees and managers

“We use the software to monitor holidays and sickness. Contracts of employment, job descriptions, appraisals and any changes to employee terms and conditions are uploaded for each employee. Our staff handbook and policies are also uploaded to myhrtoolkit and available to everyone.”

- Debbie Clark, Diocese of Winchester
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