Holiday request system

Looking for an easy way to process staff holiday requests and approvals? You can greatly benefit from an employee holiday request system.

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Holiday request system

Easy holiday requests and approvals

Reduce the time you spend on approving holidays with an online holiday request system. As a key part of our holiday management software feature, our employee holiday booking system makes the process of staff requesting and managers approving holidays quicker and easier.

As the system is cloud-based, everyone has access to the information they need to make informed holiday requests from their desktop or mobile device. Plus, information updates automatically across the organisation, so no confusion arises over who can book holiday when. This includes holiday entitlement, which updates automatically with our pro rata holiday calculator.

Online holiday request system

The benefits of a holiday request system

  1. Plan ahead for holiday requests

    HR software can help you avoid having to reject untimely holiday requests, which can be tricky when an employee is hoping for a particular time off. Our holiday software features a handy staff holiday planner.

    This interactive calendar makes it easy for employees to see whether they can book annual leave for certain dates and when their colleagues are away. This will help minimise impractical holiday booking requests, saving you time and avoiding misunderstandings.

  2. Empower managers to oversee holiday requests

    With an HR system in place, it’s always clear who manages an employee’s holiday requests for timely holiday approval. With myhrtoolkit, you can appoint anyone as a Holiday Manager, whether you want line managers to oversee holiday authorisation or appoint specific holiday managers for your organisation.

    Our holiday software works for a variety of organisational structures, so your system reflects your setup.

  3. Easily approve or reject a holiday request

    When an employee makes a holiday request, a manager is notified in-app and via email, so they can approve or reject a holiday request at a time that suits them.

    If a manager needs to decline a request, they can provide feedback to show the employee why their request is not possible. Additionally, it’s also easy to cancel an approved holiday request using the system.

  4. Ensure everyone requests the right amount of holiday

    Calculating holiday entitlements can be a lengthy process, particularly when you have staff working within a range of full-time, part-time and variable hours contracts.

    Not so with myhrtoolkit; the system calculates holiday entitlement for you pro rata, so you’re always sure nobody is requesting more holiday than their entitlement allows, or that their entitlement is inaccurate.

  5. Save time by granting senior staff self-authorisation

    If a staff member is senior enough that they don’t need holiday request approval, you may want to grant them self-authorisation for an even more convenient holiday booking process.

    By using self-authorisation for particular staff, HR admin is further reduced, freeing up managers’ time to focus on more important tasks.

  6. Maintain compliance with two stage holiday approval

    For instance, you may want to have a line manager approve a holiday request first before a HR or operations manager makes the final call in line with staffing and cover planning.

    The two stage approval system helps you manage holiday requests and approvals more thoroughly, in line with your organisational policies.

Holiday request system features

  • Self-service holiday requests for staff
  • Staff make requests according to entitlement
  • Appoint holiday managers to approve requests
  • Grant senior staff self-authorisation
  • Provide reasons for approval or rejection
  • One or two-stage holiday approvals

“With regards to holidays, I think it’s made a big difference to Rebecca, the manager. Previously, people would interrupt her and say “can I ask about my holidays?” With it being an email request, she can look at it when it suits her, so she’s not being disrupted. She can check the online calendar that’s got everybody else’s holidays – requests or approved – so she can cross-reference much easier."

- Louisa Harrison-Walker, Benchmark Recruit
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