Staff holiday planner

The myhrtoolkit staff holiday planner provides staff and managers with the tools and information needed to make holiday management a breeze.

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Staff holiday planner

Why use an online staff holiday planner?

Staff holiday planner software is ideal for monitoring and tracking annual leave across your business. Having an interactive and accessible holiday calendar shows employees what times are best to book their holidays. It also empowers managers to oversee leave in their teams and across the organisation more effectively.

Staff holiday planner software

The benefits of a digital leave planner

  1. Avoid the pitfalls of paper files and spreadsheets

    Paper files can take time to process and risk being lost; Holiday spreadsheets can become inaccurate or suffer from multiple competing versions. A cloud-based staff holiday planner stays up to date for everyone in one place; plus, it's highly accessible from desktop or mobile devices.

    The system is also highly secure with different levels of access, so staff and managers only see the information they need.

  2. Empower staff with self-service holiday requests

    When making a holiday request, employees can use the staff holiday planner to see when colleagues are away. This could include people on their team, in their location, or across the organisation, depending on the settings you choose.

    Staff can also see other important information to them, such as training days. This helps staff book holidays in a timely and informed way.

  3. Provide a clear overview for managers

    The staff holiday calendar clearly shows managers who in their team – or the whole organisation – is already on annual leave for given dates and who has requested days off at the same time.

    This gives line managers and overall holiday managers a clear overview of potential overlaps and clashes, leading to fewer problems with attendance and staffing.

  4. Compare holiday and other forms of leave

    With myhrtoolkit’s holiday calendar, you can also choose to show other instances of leave, such as sickness absence. This gives managers a better overall picture of attendance within their team or the wider organisation.

  5. Flag important dates in the holiday planner

    Have you got an important training day or company event coming up where staff shouldn't take leave? You can flag these dates so everyone can clearly see it on the holiday planner.

    This helps you avoid untimely requests or confusion over the best times to book annual leave.

  6. Benefit from a powerful holiday management system

    The holiday chart isn’t the only holiday management feature myhrtoolkit has to make annual leave booking easier. For instance, the system automatically and accurately calculates staff holiday entitlements. You can also export insightful reports on attendance.

    To find out more about what online holiday management can do for your business, head over to our main holiday planner software feature page.

Staff holiday planner features

  • An up-to-date, centralised holiday system
  • Monitor staffing levels by comparing forms of leave
  • Staff can make their own holiday requests
  • Block out important dates where holiday is inadvisable
  • Managers get a clear overview of holidays
  • Request and manage holidays on the go with our mobile app

“A great feature for us it being able to see everyone’s holiday on the staff calendar. The calendar helps us organise events like Christmas parties, because we can see everyone’s availability easily. This has been particularly useful for us with staff across locations.”

- Laura Clark, Baldwins Travel
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