Myhrtoolkit celebrates International Pet Day!

Published on April 8, 2021 by Camille Brouard
Myhrtoolkit celebrates international pet day

Myhrtoolkit celebrates International Pet Day!

This Sunday is International Pet Day! International Pet Day occurs annually on April 11th and is used to highlight and appreciate the beloved animals that we have in our lives.

As the myhrtoolkit team have been working alongside our furry friends for over a year, we thought it would be a great opportunity to outline some of the benefits of having pets and introduce you to the pets that have kept us company during the past year.

The benefits of owning a pet

Health and fitness

Having a dog can certainly encourage you to get outdoors more often to take your four-legged friend for a stroll. In addition, the registered animal welfare charity, The Blue Cross have found that many studies researching on pet ownership have found that just stroking a pet can lower blood pressure, therefore reducing the likelihood of heart problems or strokes.

Mental health boosts

A UK based charity, The Mental Health Foundation have also found that pets can help promote a healthier and more positive long-term mental state. Their research found that having a pet can provide owners with more opportunities to socialise, prevent loneliness, and help combat depression by giving their owners with the ability to gain a purpose and sense of achievement. Therefore, for many of us, owning a pet can help us live mentally healthier lives.

Company and friendship

Pets have shown to positively affect our physical and mental health. However, many can agree that our pets provide more than just that and are a part of our families. Pets provide companionship, friendship and sentiment throughout our relationships with them.

Celebrating the pets of myhrtoolkit

Now for the most exciting part - let’s introduce you to some of our furry friends!

Cooper international pet day



“This is Cooper (aka Mr Hair Face) closely guarding his M&S gin and tonic.”

- Cliff Hewson, Marketing Manager



Nelson international pet day


“Here is Nelson, taking up most of my desk and snoozing on the job! I say he is my work support cat.”

- Juliette Passam, Sales and Support Team



Mango international pet day


“This is Mango, she’s never far away from me and lets me pretend to be a pirate!”

- Richard Downs, Senior Developer



Muzungo international pet day


“This is Muzungu. He is a ferocious Welsh Collie guard dog. He is not scared of any sounds or things. Could be Australian as he spends a lot of time upside down.”

- Simon Ross, Sales and Support Team Leader


Hetty international pet day



“My name is Hetty! I’m an 11-year-old Airedale terrier.”

- owned by Bob Teasdale, Sales & Marketing Director



Leo international pet day



“Here’s is Leo, who can often be found lounging on the sofa behind me while I am at my desk! Sometimes, when he wants to go outside or reckons I’m due a tea break, he’ll jump on the desk and look at me like this.”

- Camille Brouard, Senior Marketing Executive


Lilly international pet day



“This my little princess Lilly keeping Mummy company. She’s ready to take notes!”

- Lindsay Dale, Accounts Manager



Ruby international pet day


“This is Ruby, an 11-year-old cockapoo. She decides to constantly scratch me when she hears me talking to my laptop.”

- Hannah Wheater,
Social Media and Digital Marketing Executive


Betsy international pet day



“The mad hound that is Betsy!”

- Jon Curtis, CEO and Founder



How have your furry (or feathery, or scale-y?!) friends been keeping you company during lockdown? Feel free to send us updates on twitter @myhrtoolkit or tag us on LinkedIn!

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