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Published on November 7, 2017 by Fiona Sanderson
CIPD HR show 2017

Looking forward to the CIPD HR show 2017

It is nearly that time of year again!  When the great and good of Human Resources head to Manchester for the annual CIPD conference.  The theme for this year’s event is embracing the new world of work.  The conference will focus on the major shifts that are affecting organisations, the HR profession and the world of work at large.  It will consider the challenges and opportunities for business leaders and the people profession alike.


What are we looking forward to here at myhrtoolkit?

There is plenty to occupy everyone.  In addition to a packed conference programme there is an exhibition, dozens of free learning sessions and a range of fringe and social events.  But most importantly, the theme is of particular relevance for us.  Technology is right at the heart of the future of work.  From the increasing digitalisation of work to the ever prevalent need for HR to evolve and modernise working practices through to the potential impact of technology on jobs, these are issues of real importance for the organisations we work with, today and tomorrow.


HR professionals have a range of issues to contend with, both big and small – along with competing demands for their time.  The future of work will undoubtedly bring with it new challenges for the industry and those that work within it. How can HR prepare their organisations for the future of work?  How can they personally develop the skills that will be required in the future?   How can they prepare managers and leaders?  How do they manage and respond to the pace of change?


The conference will call for HR professionals to champion good work and to be a driving force for good and ethical decision making in the work that they do and in their own organisations.  It is clear to us that balancing each of these challenges will require time and effort.


This is where effective HR technology can help.  Streamlining administration, cutting through time consuming processes, supporting decision making, providing real time people data and enabling managers and employees alike.  Great HR technology allows professionals to focus on the bigger challenges of work today and tomorrow - just like the ones that will be discussed at #CIPDACE17.  Great HR technology will help enable organisations to bring about the future of work.


Are you ready?

Come talk to Bob Teasdale and Jon Curtis from the myhrtoolkit Team who will be at the conference on 9th November 2017, to  find out about how our HR software can help your business manage all its people activities. Follow us on Twitter at @myhrtoolkit for all the news straight from the event.    

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