Myhrtoolkit: new HR software features for 2013

We’ve been busy making lots of updates to our HR software during January and February. Here’s a rundown of all the new things myhrtoolkit can do.

What’s new?

Working Time Directive

This allows for the tracking of working time opt-outs from the 48 hour working week and the upload of any associated documents.  It also displays

  • the option selected within myhome > myfile
  • hours worked in a standard  week based on the work profile selected in ‘employee file’
  • a full report at management > reports > working time regulations

See: Setup and Admin > Working time regulations

Two Stage Holiday Approval

This feature facilitates the use of 2 levels of holiday approval. To set-up, go to Setup and Admin > Approval of holiday requests.

Calendar Alerts

A new facility that allows Controllers to add items into the standard calendar that then generate alerts for users and managers when holiday or training is booked.  Useful for restricting leave / training on critical days or periods.


An additional facility to specify reasons for leaving, which is also included in the leavers report

Holiday Year

A major new enhancement providing a set of new tools to support a change of holiday year and examining previous holiday years.  Let us know if you would like more information on this new feature.

Making It Work For You

Is your organisation getting the most out of myhrtoolkit? Contact us at if you’d like any features explained.

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