GDPR - Recommended further reading

Recommended further reading

Here are some pages of suggested further reading relating to the General Data Protection Regulation, articles or papers which Myhrtoolkit have found to contain useful details around the subject:

GDPR and HR Software: A White Paper by Jon Curtis of IronmongerCurtis

Before becoming full-time Managing Director of myhrtoolkit, Jon Curtis was an employment solicitor for law firm IronmongerCurtis. Within this whitepaper, Jon outlines some of the issues that the GDPR brings for HR software providers (as data processors) and HR software users.

An overview of GDPR from the Information Commissioner’s Office

Essential reading on the GDPR from the ICO. Here you will find a great overview of what the GDPR is and the ways in which it affects how data is collected, used, stored, disseminated, and deleted.

A reflection on the impact GDPR will have on the charities sector (The Guardian)

Particularly of use to our charity and third-sector customers, this article from the Guardian details how charities should prepare for the GDPR in terms of contacting donors and supporters, asking for consent, opting in and opting out, access to personal data, data breaches, and more.