Pro rata holiday calculator software

Use the powerful pro rata holiday calculator within our holiday management feature to work out even the most complex holiday entitlements in a few clicks.

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Pro rata holiday calculator

Using myhrtoolkit as your pro rata holiday calculator, you can easily keep track of holiday entitlements for full-time and part-time employees on fixed or variable hours contracts.

Manage staff holiday information with ease and keep calculations up to date across the board with our comprehensive holiday software feature. This feature of our HR software platform also includes a staff holiday planner and holiday request functionality.

Pro rata holiday calculator software

Pro rata calculator software benefits

  1. Set holiday entitlement across your organisation

    With a holiday management system in place, you can automatically calculate pro rata holiday entitlement across your organisation without spending hours on monitoring and updating individual entitlements.

    The system has flexible options for holiday entitlements, so your software suits your unique setup. You can set holiday entitlements organisation-wide, by department, by location, or for individual employees. You can also calculate holiday entitlement by the day or by the hour.

  2. Work out part-time holiday entitlements quickly

    You can simply enter the details you need for the employee (such as days or hours worked per week) and the software calculates holiday entitlement for you. As a result, the software makes working out holiday entitlement for part-time workers much easier and quicker.

    You can also choose whether bank holidays are included or not included within holiday entitlement; so, holiday entitlements are always accurate and transparent for employees.

  3. Keep on top of variable hours

    Variable hours employees can be the trickiest to manage in terms of holiday entitlement, as they tend to work irregular hours each week. Our pro rata calculator can easily work out variable hours holiday entitlements for you; simply enter someone’s working hours for each week and they calculate accordingly.

  4. Automatically update holiday for starters and leavers

    Our pro rata holiday calculator automatically updates entitlements for a starter or leaver, saving you time on working this out manually. When you use an HR software system like myhrtoolkit, it updates employee and company information across the board, so information remains accurate for everyone with access to it.

  5. Round up holiday entitlements for easy management

    Need to round up holiday entitlements when they get too specific to be manageable? Not a problem. With myhrtoolkit, you can round up to the nearest full or half day. This means you can avoid having to manage requests for hours or even minutes off! The system can do this automatically for you, so entitlements are always fair and clear for everyone.

  6. Calculate time off in lieu and carry over with ease

    Do employees have holidays remaining that they want to carry over into the next leave year? Or do they have time off in lieu (TOIL)? It’s easy to calculate these factors using myhrtoolkit too. Simply enter the amount of holiday you want to add or carry over for each employee; the system will update their entitlement.

Benefits & features

  • Record and document accidents on your premises
  • Improve visibility of employees who may need special care
  • Build health and safety forms to distribute to staff
  • Store and update health and safety documents online
  • Improve employee wellbeing and security
  • Upload Images and documents into the accident book

“I chose myhrtoolkit because it was cloud-based, so rather than having one person be a single point of contact in charge of all that HR information, it allowed multiple users and multiple managers as being able to have access.”

- Louisa Harrison-Walker, Benchmark Recruit
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