Webinar: How to successfully nurture client relationships

A how to webinar for HR and business consultants

"Very useful webinar, all areas relevant to my business development, thank you" - Gail

Calling HR and business consultants! How can you successfully nurture client relationships that are fruitful and long lasting?

Myhrtoolkit Customer Engagement Director Bob Teasdale shares his actionable tips and tricks in this specialist webinar. Bob has had a 25-year career in sales and relationship management, having worked in recruitment before coming to myhrtoolkit.

This webinar is perfect for consultants who want to form more long-term relationships with clients that are mutually beneficial. Bob will be covering:

  • The power of listening and empathy
  • Letting your client be the star
  • Making promises and being consistent
  • Introducing clients to new opportunities
  • Knowing when and how to say "no"

"Thank you so much for your time, Bob and team - there were some really useful nuggets of info there" - Laura

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