Webinar: Quick SEO wins for HR consultants

"Great overview of ways to optimise SEO and in a language that was easy to understand" - Debra

When you're running an HR consultancy, time is of the essence - amidst multiple client calls, advising on policy and procedures, and all the associated documentation, how can you find time to effectively market your consultancy website and keep bringing in new leads?

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), there are many techniques you can use to boost your rankings on search engine results and help more people find your consultancy.

In this short webinar, myhrtoolkit Senior Marketing Executive Camille Brouard, who has previously worked as an SEO specialist for marketing agencies, will run through what you can do to optimise your website, focusing on 'quick wins' to incorporate into how you structure your website and add/update content.

Camille shows you how to:

  • Get your pages and blog posts ranking well on search engines
  • Get high quality external links to your website
  • Improve your Local SEO results

"Camille is clearly an expert in her field- very informative session" - Joanna

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