Webinar: How to communicate effectively with a hybrid team

There are lots of benefits to going hybrid, but there can be challenges too. For instance, how can you communicate effectively with a hybrid team, who are variably in and out of the workplace?

Watch this webinar with guest speaker Laura Capindale, a Senior HR Business Partner at Amica HR, who will show you how to make sure you're communicating in the right ways and at the right times with hybrid employees, to make the most of this flexible way of working for your business.

Laura covers:

  • What effective communication is
  • The challenges of hybrid working
  • How we can communicate well in hybrid teams


"Thank you very much Laura, everything was very clear!" - Matteo


Further resources

Access Laura's slideshow on how to communicate with hybrid teams.

Also, the HR consultant and hybrid expert Gemma Dale has written a 10 step hybrid working action plan to help you create the perfect plan for your organisation:

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