Webinar: The future of hybrid working

Will hybrid working become part of the 'new normal' for SMEs?


"Pulled together all of the current key workforce issues in businesses. Many thanks!" – Sonia

“Really helpful hints and perfect timing ahead of restrictions lifting” – Gill


Has the pandemic kickstarted the rise of the hybrid workplace, where more employees will split their time between the office and home? Or will staff be returning to the office fulltime once it's safe to do so?

HR director, author, and flexible working expert Gemma Dale joins myhrtoolkit on this webinar all about the future of hybrid working, looking into:

  • How the pandemic has changed attitudes to hybrid working and flexibility
  • How organisations can implement hybrid working efficiently
  • The potential pitfalls to look out for

This webinar is ideal for employers and HR managers looking for more information around the concept of hybrid working and how it can work for SMEs.


“Brilliant session, one of the best I have attended, very practical and helpful.” – Denise

"Lots to think about but it has been helpful to know what it is we should actually be focusing on." – Sarah


Further resources

Access Gemma Dale's slideshow on the future of hybrid working.

You can also download Gemma's 10 step hybrid working action plan to help create the perfect plan for your organisation:

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