Webinar: The future of flexible working

Is it looking bright?


"Thank you for a great, thought provoking session" - Debbie

"Very informative thank you!" - Hilary

Is flexible working going to become a more integral part of workplaces in ‘the new normal’?

In this webinar, we explore the flexible working landscape post-coronavirus with guest speaker, HR professional Gemma Dale, who is a university lecturer and HR consultant with significant experience in employee relations and employment law.

The webinar focuses on these key questions:

• Is the future of work going to be more flexible - or will the old ways of working prove too strong?
• What are the business benefits of flexibility - and what barriers get in the way?
• How can organisations successfully implement flexible working?

The session draws on a range of evidence and research along with practical hints and tips.

You can also listen to and download this webinar as a podcast:

Further resources

Access a PDF of Gemma's presentation.

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