Webinar: Mental Health Q&A

Achieving resilience in the return to work


"Great webinar and some really interesting points raised, which we will take on board going forwards. Thanks all." - Helen

The past year or so has been difficult for many of us and inevitably this has taken a toll on staff mental health. Some staff are returning to the office soon, some are continuing with remote working or putting in place hybrid setups, and others have been dealing with the stress of working on the frontline during a pandemic.

Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and suicide have been on the rise since the pandemic began and knock-on effects are predicted down the line as we come out of lockdown. So, what can employers and managers do to help staff remain healthy and resilient in the face of big changes and potential challenges?

In this Q&A panel webinar, we’re inviting on mental health in the workplace experts Zoe Thompson (the founder of Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coaching), Steve Phillip (a suicide prevention and workplace wellbeing advocate), and Asha Berzon (founder and lead Clinical Psychotherapist at mindAbility Hypnotherapy) to answer questions around the following:

  • Managing staff stress and anxiety during times of change
  • Starting conversations about mental health and illness
  • Improving psychological safety in employees

"Thank you for all the healthy conversations. Looking forward to the next one!" - Altaab

You can also listen to this webinar as a podcast episode:

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