Webinar: Reducing employee stress: a guide for SME managers


"Thanks Geraldine, this was really helpful" - Nicky

"Thanks for the talk. Plenty to reflect on" - David

How is stress affecting your employees and your business? Given the rapid changes to workplaces caused by COVID-19, many people's stress responses have gone into overdrive from facing uncertainty and making big adjustments. Thankfully, there are strategies businesses can adopt to help staff cope with stress and maintain productivity.

In this webinar for SMEs, we're joined by stress and mental health expert Geraldine Joaquim, who specialises in workplace wellness and proactive stress management strategies. Geraldine will give insights for business owners and managers into:

  • How the stress response system works (or sometimes overworks) and how this can affect staff
  • The unique challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and how these can cause employees extra stress
  • How to help employees adjust and adapt to stressful circumstances and significant changes

You can also view and download the slideshow from the webinar here.

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