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Understanding the next generation of Top Talent

Often as senior managers or business owners, we dream of unearthing that great talent from either an eager graduate or an enthusiastic apprentice.

However, to achieve this we have to understand the differences between Millennials and non-Millennials in the workplace and how to engage millennials. This can lead to increased effectiveness in supervising and mentoring, which in turn can lead to greater workplace satisfaction, retention, motivation, and ultimately productivity.

So who are the Millennials?

The generation born between 1980 and 1996 is widely known as Millennials, and it’s this group of young men and women that will shape the future of companies across the world.

Research conducted by business training consultancy, Dale Carnegie, has indicated that training makes a fundamental difference to the employee engagement of Millennials.

Inevitably with a lack of experience, a Millennial may need to overcome feelings of inferiority and incompetence and the Dale Carnegie research indicates that training substantially increased positive trends amongst participants.

Such training courses as leadership, public speaking, self-confidence building and team management help plug the gaps that inexperienced or younger employees will not have benefited from in the past.

Ensuring employee engagement across the board

Whether your top talent is from the Millennial generation or older, effectively engaging employees has always been fundamental to retaining top talent.

If you are looking for ways to build employee engagement across multigenerational teams, training can help build positive workplace environments typified by effective communication, value recognition, and motivation.

For advice building employee engagement across multigenerational teams visit the Dale Carnegie website to find your local office –

Article written by Luke Bower of business training company, Dale Carnegie Training





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