Can AI really help improve your HR processes?

Published on April 21, 2023 by Eleanor Holmes
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AI and HR processes

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2023 has seen a great jump in the effectiveness and accuracy in AI models, more specifically the ChatGPT program. As a result, it has left people and businesses wondering - how can AI be used in order to maximise productivity in both personal and work-related lives?

Potential Benefits of AI in HR

One of the greatest potential uses of AI in order to streamline HR processes is predictive data modelling. Predictive data modelling, in the scope of HR, can help to identify risks and opportunities within the organisation relating to talent management and retention. This can include the use of AI to screen job applications and automatically disregard those which do not meet set criteria by the employer. Utilising AI to screen candidates’ applications can also help to reduce unconscious bias, by ensuring candidates are filtered by only their experience and qualification as opposed to their specific demographics. 

AI language models can also help HR professionals to create templates and auto-replies to internal and external HR queries. This streamlines a lot of the admin processes within HR, leaving more time for other important activities within the organisation’s HR department. This aspect of AI and machine learning can also assist in engaging with prospective and new employees, such as creating schedules and scripts for inductions more efficiently.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM):

AI and HR statistics infographic

But what are some concerns with AI and HR?

Whilst AI can improve time efficiency and accuracy concerning data processing, it can also pose some issues to organisations.

For example, an AI resume screener tool created by Amazon in 2018, excluded women from lists of shortlisted candidates. Though this was due to the tool comparing them with a data pool of Amazon employees (which were majority male), and was never implemented beyond testing, it still demonstrates the possibility of AI programmes learning and attributing biases in its data processing. As a result, it is crucial that AI-based technology and tools are consistently checked and vetted by humans, and are deemed to be transparent and fair.

So, what does ChatGPT think?

ChatGPT's functions in HR

ChatGPT seems quite confident in its abilities to help with HR!

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