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Soho Theatre gives myhrtoolkit a standing ovation

Soho Theatre is a vibrant London venue for new theatre, comedy and cabaret, which focuses on nurturing new writers and artists. The theatre is also a charity and social enterprise, raising over £500,000 annually to develop emerging artists and produce original shows. You can visit the Soho Theatre website to find out more.

The theatre’s Head of Finance and Administration, Catherine McKinney, has found myhrtoolkit to be a key component for their admin and staff management activities. Here we chat to her about her experience of using myhrtoolkit.

How did you handle HR admin before myhrtoolkit?

“Before we had the system in place, we used a combination of spreadsheets and other documents to record staff information and manage data. It wasn’t the most efficient way of doing things!”

Why did you choose myhrtoolkit to be your HR software provider?

"We reached a point where we needed more than spreadsheets to keep things organised. The HR consultants we were working with recommended myhrtoolkit as a system that had worked well for their other clients in streamlining HR processes."

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How has myhrtoolkit met your staff management requirements?

“Using myhrtoolkit has enabled us to know all the information we need is in one place, which is incredibly reassuring. We’re always accessing the most up to date and correct information as and when we need it.

"We’ve also found it useful to be able to pass some responsibility over to staff, who can make sure their details are correct, as well as logging and checking their holidays and sickness. This reduces the burden on staff looking after HR within our organisation.

"Myhrtoolkit is useful for storing documents too. We’re in the process of putting all our policies onto the system. As some of our casual staff aren’t on our internal server, having a cloud-based system they can access is a great asset."

What is your favourite feature on myhrtoolkit?

“The main interface is really user friendly, giving a nice summary of everything you need to know. I appreciate the reminders you get when you log in as a manager - which act as gentle reminders of upcoming tasks, not chastisements!"

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to others?

"The myhrtoolkit system is good for organisations of our size, with 100 people including 50 working in the same office space. It’s user-friendly enough for all staff to easily log in and see their records.

"As most of us work within an open-plan office, it’s easy for us to have a face-to-face conversation and then use the system without duplicating the communication needed. I’m aware, however, that there are more communications options on the system itself, so I think it would work well for larger organisations too."

Have you found the system useful for tracking staff with different holiday entitlements?

"We do have some staff on variable hours contracts who accumulate holidays at different rates. So, the system has been useful for accurately calculating and tracking their holiday entitlements. Staff can simply log in to check their holiday entitlement themselves, giving the employees more independence and showing our accountability clearly."

Any final thoughts?

"The staff know we’re looking after their information properly, which is reassuring for them, and it’s easy for them to access their information. In total, the system is doing everything we need it to and I’m aware that it can do more and am looking forward to exploring that."

The main interface is really user friendly, giving a nice summary of everything you need to know.
Catherine McKinney
Catherine McKinney
Head of Administration and Finance, Soho Theatre

Top benefits for Soho Theatre::

Accessing information that is up to date and correct, all in one place.
Using self-service features to reduce burden on HR staff.
Easily calculating and tracking holiday entitlements for staff with varied working patterns.
Ensuring information and documents are accessible to all staff who need them on a cloud-based system.
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