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Find out how employee leave management software can help your business thrive with the central HR processes of annual leave and absence management.

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Employee leave management software

Leave management can be time-consuming and complex. On paper, your company policies for annual leave and absence may be crystal clear; in practice, it can be difficult to make sure procedures are always followed and effectively recorded with the best leave monitoring system in place.

Paper files can get misplaced, spreadsheets get out of date, return to work interviews may be missed, and you may not have the information you need when it comes to making business decisions and maintaining compliance. Leave management software is here to help!

Why choose an automated leave management system?

Employee leave management software provides you with a central system to manage all aspects of leave, helping you avoid the pitfalls of other forms of HR administration and record-keeping. Here are some more of the key benefits of an automated leave management system to consider:


Secure leave management system

Secure leave management

Make sure everyone is following the correct leave processes; all within a password-protected system with different access levels for employees, managers, and system administrators.
Holiday leave management

Complete holiday management

Manage all aspects of annual leave, from automatically calculating holiday entitlements, to dealing with holiday requests, to flagging up important events on the staff calendar.
Absence leave management

Clear absenteeism monitoring

Record sickness and other forms of absence, supporting staff who are absent to come back to work while keeping an eye on any developing patterns of absenteeism.
HR documentation

Easy documentation and compliance

Add the HR documents required for management and compliance purposes so they’re recorded effectively and there when you need them.
Create holiday and absence leave reports

Data-driven business insights

A leave management software system can also provide in-depth, exportable reports to help you make data-driven decisions.


The power of a cloud based leave management system


A cloud-based software solution has extra benefits in comparison to a on-premises system. The software updates automatically for you, keeping your people data secure on an up-to-date system. You can also access the system from any device, making holiday bookings and absence tracking easy even when you have multiple premises, remote staff, and flexible working options.

Employee leave management software

Leave management system features

  1. Annual leave management

    Sun, sea and… spreadsheets? Holiday management can become unmanageable with out-of-date spreadsheet systems or unruly paper files. A leave management system really helps in this respect!

    You can manage all aspects of annual leave in one place, from automatically calculating holiday entitlements to fielding holiday requests effectively. You can also appoint holiday managers to manage groups of staff, freeing up your time through delegation.

    The staff calendar can act as a hub of information for everyone when it comes to booking holiday. You can set it so employees see who is taking leave when – in their department, location, or even the whole organisation. This will help employees plan their holidays and managers to consider staffing and cover for their teams.

    “Holiday booking is so important to the team, as everyone’s so passionate about travel. Getting that holiday booked in advance and clearly visible on the calendar is extra special.”
    Laura Clark, HR Manager, Baldwins Travel

    To find out more about what a leave management system can do for your holiday management processes, check out our feature page on holiday management software.

  2. Sickness absence management

    On the flip side of planned leave, there’s always unplanned sickness absences to contend with too. An effective leave management system can help you manage and monitor both types, so you’re not left in the lurch when it comes to staffing and get an overview of leave across your organisation.

    Our leave management software features include a comprehensive absence management system, where you can effectively record sickness absences and attach relevant documentation (such as fit notes and return to work documents). It’s easy to download reports on sickness absence trends. This means you can provide data-driven insights to support business decisions on leave management.

    You can also set up trigger points around lengths or instances of absence. This helps ensure managers follow sickness absence policy and the business takes all the steps needed for effective absence management and compliance.

    “The sickness absence report is very useful for monitoring absence and identifying any trends in sickness that we may not see otherwise. It makes managing absence problems a lot easier.”

    Alex Mee, Deputy General Manager, Staying Cool

    To find out more about effective absence management using HR software, visit our absence management software feature page.

  3. General absence management

    Beyond sickness absence, there are many other types of absence that may have an impact on daily business operations. With myhrtoolkit HR software, you can easily record forms of absence such as appointments, lateness, TOIL, maternity/paternity leave, or compassionate leave.

    You can set the types of general absence that apply to your organisation, so the system works for your unique setup and recorded absences are consistent for reporting purposes. You can also choose which types of general absence show in the attendance chart, so sensitive reasons for absence can remain hidden to other staff.

    Staff members see their general absence history within their own files, so everything is transparent and clearly communicated to everyone on a need-to-know basis.

    “Myhrtoolkit gives us immediate visibility of staff details, holidays, sickness and absence, as well as essential information about an employee’s pay and conditions.”

    Ruth Pimentel, Chief Executive, Toad Hall Nursery Group


“An online solution that everyone could log into really appealed. Having the information officially in a system that staff have confidence in and know something is in place is great. Logging holidays, sickness and absence is also really helpful.”

- Claire Empson, Daisy Lets
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