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Published on October 16, 2020 by Camille Brouard

Myhrtoolkit updates Pay and Benefits module

Myhrtoolkit has rolled out an updated version of our Pay and Benefits area, with a more modern look and easier navigation, so customers get a great overview of their staff pay and benefits.

With the Pay and Benefits module, employees can easily see their own information - and Managers get oversight with control over pay records and the assignment of benefits in bulk to multiple employees. The updated module boasts a new interface and offers a range of bulk editing options.

Pay and benefits area features

Some of the great features of the updated area include:

  • A comprehensive overview of current, historical, and future pay information
  • Options to import pay records via spreadsheet and make changes in bulk
  • The ability to define and bulk assign benefits to multiple staff and upload support documents for each type of benefit
  • Granting staff access to their own pay and benefits records to increase confidence

With pay and benefits software in place, businesses can save time and avoid errors when it comes to staff pay and benefits tracking, making it easier to get visibility over important information, demonstrate compliance, and access insightful reports.

Myhrtoolkit’s Customer Engagement Director, Bob Teasdale, said of the update: “Pay is a big part of why people turn up and so is one area that has to be just right. We have worked really hard to make this area of myhrtoolkit clear and easy to use, whilst adding some new tools for managers. We hope you like it!”

Want to find out more about this area of myhrtoolkit and how pay and benefits tracking software can help your business? Head over to the pay and benefits feature page.

Also, current myhrtoolkit customers can find out more about how to use the pay and benefits area on our dedicated support pages.

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