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At myhrtoolkit, we are committed to helping you make the most of your myhrtoolkit system. To aid you finding your way around, we provide:


    A source of guides, ‘how-to’s, and manuals to help you around all the functions and advanced features of myhrtoolkit.


    Within the toolkit itself there are help texts. We also host regular webinars for you to learn about the Toolkit. Register here


    If you need more in depth assistance, you can contact us via our service desk at

Navigation is provided in the panel on the right. Subject topics are grouped together, sometimes the same article will appear under a couple of subject headings for convenience.


  • User Guides – This area contains information for users, managers and controllers and gives help and guidance on the day to day use and running of myhrtoolkit.
  • Configuration – This area is designed to help you through all the configuration options for your myhrtoolkit installation.
  • First Time Setup – This area is designed for controllers setting up their new myhrtoolkit installation, with a walk-through guide and documents focussing on the key function areas.



Myhrtoolkit are also using webinars to help train users in a variety of topics, you can register by clicking here. Some are being collected together to be used as resources for learning, and can be found on the Webinars page.

There is also a dedicated Security Portal which provides links to a variety of pages relating to advice on security within myhrtoolkit. It can be found here.


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