File Notes a guide for Managers and Controllers

File Notes are a useful feature for making journaled entries against employees, and are a good place to keep less structured notes that may apply to multiple areas of their employmemt, for instance

  • Additional circumstances concerning the employee that are needed to be on record and not recorded elsewhere (e.g. transport, personal circumstances),
  • Agreements with staff/ details of borrowed equipment/ etc., for instance concerning working from home,
  • Non-certified awards or achievements external to the company, but worth having noted,
  • Notes of documents in the Document Library relating to any of the above (if the documents have not been added to the File Note)


Adding a File Note

To add a File Note, navigate to Management > File Notes and scroll to find the employee (selecting the correct page if paginated). Type the note in to the text box, and press Submit. If there are documents to be attached, in the new row added, for each document supply a name in the Document Title: text box and click to select a document, then Upload Document. Each document will then appear against the Note.


  • A File Note is visible to anyone who manages the employee, and as such discretion may be needed around various potential privacy issues (e.g. family).
  • File Notes are not visible to employees.
  • Individual File Notes can only be deleted by a Controller.
  • There is no reporting for File Notes.
File Notes and Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, myhrtoolkit provides various functions for keeping track of employee's working arrangement, locations, etc. One of them is File Notes.

For more details, see the Coronavirus Resource Page

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