How to record career history in myhrtoolkit

myhrtoolkit HR software career history area

This function allows you to create and manage the job roles that form an employee’s career history.

The initial job titles that were uploaded during the set up process will be allocated the employees start date as a start date.

Managing job titles

Clicking on the Create job title link will allow you to add a new job title to the existing library. Once created, it will appear in the drop down menu and can be allocated to an employee.

Controllers can edit the name of each job title from within Config > System > Organisation structure > Job titles.

Career history

Adding career history to myhrtoolkit

A new job role can be allocated to an employee’s career history by inputting the start date into the date picker box, pressing Submit and selecting the required job title.

Select a job title for historical career

myhrtoolkit HR system career history details

Existing job titles can be amended by clicking on the Amend link. This allows you to change both the start date and the job title.

When editing a career history, the job titles displayed in the drop down menu will reflect the job titles name in force at that time.

Notes can be added against periods of career history. Click Amend in the Notes column in the relevant row.

myhrtoolkit career history notes

myhrtoolkit career history details

Previous job roles can be removed using the Delete link. As job roles are deleted, the system will automatically adjust the ‘To’ date of the adjacent job roles.

The system will not allow you to delete the last job role.