Exporting employee data - Export locations

Myhrtoolkit provides are variety of places in the Management area where data can be extracted in a downloadable format (generally .csv). These export locations, which are available to Controllers and Managers with the right permissions, are listed below.

Bulk Data

Follow Management > Bulk Data, then choose from the following as needed:

Organisation > Company information
People > Postal address
People > Email addresses
People > Emergency contacts
People > Telephone contacts
People > Export employee personal data

File Notes

Holidays > Employee holiday dates

Hours > Variable Hours Employees – Hours

Follow Management > Reports, then choose from the following as needed:

Absence Reports > Sickness Absence Report
Absence Reports > Reasons for Illness Report
Absence Reports > Sickness Absence Analysis Report
Absence Reports > General Absence
Absence Reports > All Absence
Pay and Benefits > Basic Pay
Pay and Benefits > Employee Benefits
Pay and Benefits > Benefits Analysis
Performance Management > Appraisal Deadlines
Performance Management > Probation
Holiday Reports > Holiday Entitlement Report
Holiday Reports > Remaining Holiday Entitlement Report
Holiday Reports > TOIL Report
Training > Training Records
Training > Training Costs
Training > Training Qualification Report
Document Library > Identification Documents
Document Library > Visa/Work Permit Documents
Document Library > Miscellaneous Documents
Employee Data > Employees Personal Details
Employee Data > Employees Work Contact Information
Employee Data > Age and Length of Service
Employee Data > Birthdays by Month
Employee Data > Employees Emergency Contact Details
Employee Data > DBS
Working Time Regulations
Staff Numbers > Starters and Leavers
Staff Numbers > Starters Analysis
Staff Numbers > Leavers Analysis
Staff Numbers > Head Count
Staff Numbers > Staff Turnover
Staff Numbers > Gender Ratio
Payroll Reports > Employee Payroll Details