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Managing Types of General Absence

A Guide for Controllers

myhrtoolkit has provision for handling different types of absence – sickness absence, holidays, and general absence. This guide focusses on the last of these.

A system-wide list of types of General Absence can be maintained in an organisation’s toolkit. This list is configurable to suit the needs of the users within the organisation. A default list is provided, which can then be edited to suit.

To view the current available types of General Absence defined, navigate to setup & admin > Types of general absences.

The visibility of each type can be configured appropriately for your organisation’s use. Each absence type can

  • be hidden from a manager’s pick list. This option can be used when it is no longer relevant to your organisation
  • be only shown on the attendance chart for managers. This option might be used when the absence may be of a sensitive nature.

Adding a new type

To add a new type, follow the Add a type of general absence link.

Give the new type a name, and select the required visibility. Use Submit to add it to the list.

Editing a type

To edit a type, follow the Edit link in the type’s row.

Make the amendments necessary, and Submit.

Note – If a type has been used to record an absence, then you will not be able to edit the name (as this would skew any existing data).

Deleting a type

To delete a type, follow the Delete link in the type’s row. You will be required to confirm the action.

Note – Similar to editing, if a type has been used in any recorded absence, it can not be deleted and the Delete link will not be available (as this would skew any existing data).

In use

A toolkit’s General Absence list may be a constant work in progress, responding to the changing needs of your organisation. Whatever state it may be in behind the scenes, Managers will still use it in the same way.

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