Shared emails and computers

Myhrtoolkit recognises that in some situations use of shared physical and virtual assets are a necessity in business. The nature of much HR information is incompatible with these shared resources, so the myhrtoolkit system allows controllers to tag which users work this way such that their privacy is protected.

Shared email addresses

A ‘System email address’ can be marked as a shared email address so that the system does not send confidential emails or attachments to the user. Instead, a generic notification will be sent asking the user to login and view their correspondence from within myhrtoolkit.

An example of a shared email address is This kind of email address could be accessed by more than one person in an organisation.
Employees using shared email addresses will be unable to recover their own passwords using the Forgot password link. Please ask your controller for assistance.

This can be set by visiting Management > Bulk data > People > System email.

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Shared computers

Employees who use shared computers to access their emails should be tagged in the system so that confidential correspondence is sent to the employees’ private email addresses.

Private email address: Private email addresses are overseen by controllers, and can be changed in Management > Bulk data > People > Shared computer.

To set a user to shared computer status

  1. Go to Management > Bulk data > People > Shared computer
  2. Tick the shared computer box for any affected employees
  3. Input a private email address in the space provided
  4. Press Submit

To disable shared computer status

  1. Go to Management > Shared computer
  2. Untick the Shared computer box for any affected employees
  3. Delete the private email address (optional)
  4. Press Submit

Shared computers in use

If an employee is registered as using a shared computer to access myhrtoolkit HR software, an additional security layer is in place whereby notification emails (with the document attached) will be sent to a private email address rather than the normal system email. Additionally, a warning message about the dangers of downloading documents to a shared computer, and the need to fully delete after use will be displayed.


Several employees use the same computer in an office for accessing myhrtoolkit. When a document is downloaded by one employee and not deleted from the computer, there is a possibility that it can still be viewed by other staff members.

  • Employees still hold ultimate responsibility for the removal of downloaded content from the host computer. Myhrtoolkit cannot control the behaviour of browsers or individuals.
  • If an individual does not have a private email address, we would suggest considering that they set up a free Google mail address.

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