Myhrtoolkit support desk overview

The myhrtoolkit support desk is committed to managing your issues as promptly as possible and keeping you informed throughout.

Myhrtoolkit support desk

The operating hours are from 09:00 to 17:00 hours, Monday to Friday (normal working days). Incidents logged between 17:00 to 09:00 and non-working days will be addressed the next working day.

Online issue reporting

You can use the app to raise an issue, review progress, and add extra detail if required. As your issue is progressed you may receive updates from us. When your issue is closed you will receive an email containing any relevant details.

Additionally, we encourage customers to use the Customer Support area of our website. This is a good source of guides, how-tos, and manuals to help you learn about the basic and advanced features of myhrtoolkit. See the menu bar on the right for support categories and articles.

Myhrtoolkit bug fixing policy

We seek to be fair to all users and will always prioritise issues based on the level of service disruption and the number of people affected. We request your patience and support in here as it ultimately benefits all users.

The support desk will work with you to establish that it is a bug that you are experiencing and to ensure that we fully understand and can replicate the issue.

If we require further information to progress your issue, we will attempt to contact you. This will usually be via our online support tool, but may also be by telephone or email. If we do not receive a response we will suspend your incident for a week or until we hear from you, whichever is the shorter.

Categorising bugs
  • Critical bugs – we’ll generally fix these in the next maintenance release
  • Non-critical bugs – We schedule these according to a variety of considerations
How we approach bug fixing

Maintenance (bug fix) releases come out more frequently than major releases. These attempt to target the most critical bugs affecting our customers.

Releases are numbered incrementally year on year, e.g. the first release of 2019 will be 2019-0001.

If a bug is critical (the myhrtoolkit application is down, a major malfunction is causing customer revenue loss, or high numbers of staff are unable to perform their normal functions) we’ll fix it in the next maintenance release, provided that:

  • The fix is technically feasible (it doesn’t require a major architectural change)
  • It doesn’t impact the quality or integrity of a product

For non-critical bugs, we will prioritise the bug according to these factors:

  • How many users it affects in day to day operation
  • Whether there is an effective workaround or patch
  • How difficult the issue is to fix (including investigation time)
  • Whether many bugs in one area can be fixed at one time
A note on Change requests

Myhrtoolkit users send us a lot of good ideas and we focus our development team on delivering those that, in our opinion, offer the greatest benefit to the most customers. As such we are unable to undertake individual requests for change.