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Myhrtoolkit’s legacy training module has now been switched off. While existing data can no longer be directly accessed, outstanding records can be migrated to the training module that has replaced it.

This page is a part of the Migration process for moving that legacy training data to the newer myhrtoolkit training format.

The main page can be found here.

Define your Courses

From the legacy training course list, new courses can be created in the new module: there are two methods – import using spreadsheet, or manually.

The two methods achieve the same goal – creating courses on the new platform – but the import is designed for bulk creation and is useful when making large updates (for instance the initial setup of an organisation’s courses). Manual creation is useful for adding individual training courses once you are up and running.

Import Spreadsheet

Download a training course template spreadsheet and populate it with the training courses and details you’d like to add.

The training course template can be downloaded via Management > Training > Training Importer > Training Courses Importer.

For information on the terms used while populating the spreadsheet, please see the glossary here.

Training Course Importer

Note – If any errors are detected in the spreadsheet, a message will appear indicating which row(s) contains the issue(s). The corrected spreadsheet can be re-uploaded as many times as necessary until there is an error-free upload. Note that if a row is submitted successfully it can be submitted again – the importer will just identify that the data is already present and notify you of a duplicate. This means that successive uploads with error corrections can all use the same spreadsheet; the successful lines do not need to be weeded out each time.

Manual Creation

From Management > Training > Go to Managed-Training Courses, select the “Add Course” button to add a training course.

For information on the terms used while creating a course, please see the glossary here.

Add a training course

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