Training - Settings

This guide is primarily aimed at Controllers and Training Managers responsible for the maintenance of Training Courses within myhrtoolkit.

For guidance on the deployment and usage of Training Courses, see this page.

Training settings

All settings related to Training can be accessed via the ‘Slider’ icon in Management > Training.

Assign Training Events

All aspects of Training can be controlled from here, apart from the assignation of Training Managers which are set in Config.

Assign Training Events

The operation of each of the settings sections is straight forward and follows existing myhrtoolkit ways of working. Other than Training Year, each of the settings sections maintains a common set of functions, with a “New” button and buttons for editing and deleting items, alongside any additional functionality.


Specify your organisation’s training providers.

Update Training Providers


Create qualifications and set their renewal periods.

Update Training Qualifications

To update the renewal period, use the edit button. The third button (with clock hands and anti-clockwise arrow) will display the history of how details of a qualification may have changed.

View the history of a Training Qualification


Create categories into which training can be sorted. Descriptions are optional.

Update Training Categories

CPD activity types

Add types of CPD activity. E.g ‘Training Course’, ‘Magazine Article’, ‘Podcast’, etc. Descriptions are optional.

Update CPD Activity

Training year

Set your training year. This is used in the training reports.

Update Training Year

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