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Getting started with Training – users

Individual Training and Development

myhrtoolkit provides functionality to manage training within your company. As a user, you are able to request training via your manager, input previously arranged training, and set up reminders relating to the training or expiring certificates.


Training records can be entered into myhrtoolkit in two ways, either by

  • a training request to a manager, which will then be approved or declined;
  • directly by you, independent of a manager;
  • a combination of both.

Your company policy will dictate the preferred method.

  1. Training requests
    A request for training can be made by navigating to the training icon in myhome, then to the ‘request training‘ tab.If the training only uses a single working day, myhrtoolkit will ask for some clarification about it:

    On submitting the request, your manager will be notified by email and a note on their message board. The request can then be approved or rejected by your manager.

    If your manager approves the training, the event will then appear in the ‘training‘ tab.

    Note for managers – myhrtoolkit provides additional support for training in the form of reminders. Reminders can be set up both for the event coming and for the future, e.g. for certificate renewal, etc. If not already set by your manager, reminders are invoked by clicking the alarm-clock icon in the ‘reminders’ column. Reminders can be set to use a specific date, or a recurring date pattern. For further details see here.

  2. Inputting Training
    If you have received training that is undocumented within your employee record, or have upcoming training, you are able to enter this yourself.In the Training section of myhome, use the ‘training‘ tab, and fill in one top blank row as required.On submitting, as with training requests, if the training only uses a single working day, myhrtoolkit will ask for clarification about how to count the time.
    When completed, the new training record will appear with listed in the ‘training‘ tab.Following the course, if you have a copy of any certificate, or course notes, etc. as a file (PDF, document, image, etc), you can upload the file against the training entry as a record of attendance.
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