Using Document Templates

myhrtoolkit’s document library includes a facility for keeping document templates for use within your organisation. Examples would be pro-forma job contracts, induction documents, job descriptions, etc.

To upload a template, navigate to managers > document library. Document templates are available for

  • induction
  • other rules & procedures
  • contracts of employment
  • job descriptions

To see any templates uploaded for a given type of document, follow the link on the page.

The upload process is similar to uploading other documents, following familiar conventions used across myhrtoolkit.

To use a template document, download the template by clicking on the title and saving it where you can work on it. Once the changes changes have been made to the template, it can be re-uploaded as a new document to the main document area as appropriate.


  • Document templates can be just normal documents with blank spaces. However, you can also take advantage of ‘fields’ in a document templates, which will invite users to give responses, or limit values that may be used. Most full-featured word processing packages (such as Microsoft Word) have this, or a similar, feature.

    Please refer to your package’s help documentation for more details.

  • TechRepublic have a useful overview of templates in Microsoft Word here.