MFA Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about multi-factor authentication (MFA) on myhrtoolkit? Check out our list of common questions.


Does MFA mean I can re-use passwords?

In a word, no! Security best practice is moving towards password-less authentication but we’re not there yet. Until then, good passwords are an important part of keeping your online accounts secure.


Which authentication apps can I use?

Our MFA installation uses the Google Authenticator standard so you will need to install a Google Authenticator compatible app. This includes most of the largest apps for Windows, Android and iOS. Here is a list of some of the supported applications:

  • Authy for iOS, Android, Chrome, OS X
  • FreeOTP for iOS, Android and Pebble
  • Google Authenticator for iOS
  • Google Authenticator for Android
  • Google Authenticator (port) on Windows Store
  • Microsoft Authenticator for Windows Phone
  • LastPass Authenticator for iOS, Android, OS X, Windows
  • 1Password for iOS, Android, OS X, Windows


Are there any downsides to enabling MFA?

There are a couple of things to consider, but nothing that should stop you enabling MFA for all accounts.

The main point to consider is that if people lose access to their authenticator device and recovery codes, a Controller will need to reset the MFA on the account.

If you have a single Controller on your account and they lose access to their authenticator and recover codes, you will need to contact myhrtoolkit support so we can reset your MFA.

Other than that, it does add an extra step in the login process and sometimes people struggle with change. We believe that the pain of getting out your phone and typing a 6-digit code is worth the extra security of your HR data.

Learn more about MFA from our CTO Kit Barker, who was written a blog post on how multi factor authentication can benefit small businesses.