COVID-19 Webinar: Absence and holiday management during/after lockdown

How can you effectively manage staff absences and holiday during and after lockdown?

In this webinar, we share top tips on how to manage staff holidays and sicknesses during the COVID-19 lockdown period, looking into areas including:

- How to manage coronavirus-related sickness absences
- How to track furlough and shielding absences
- Possible changes to holiday management procedures
- Holiday carry over changes
- Obtaining fit notes during lockdown

We're joined by HR Director and multiple business owner Tracey Hudson (The HR Dept) as a guest speaker.


"Been more then useful, cleared up a lot of grey areas. Thank you" - Sheila

"Thank you Tracey - great Q+A Answers as ever!" - Bruce

"Thanks for another really informative session!" - Sarah


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Holidays and absence management during lockdown