Webinar: Backing up business data

How and how often should businesses be backing up data?


"Thanks. That was useful and validates our current Business Recovery Plan" - Barry

Backing up business data consistently and securely is crucial to an organisation's success. This is well recognised post-GDPR, but how and how often should businesses be backing up data?

Myhrtoolkit's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Kit Barker is our guest speaker on this data security webinar for SMEs. During the webinar he will be covering:

What data backup is and a glossary of key terms

  • Why backing up business data is important
  • How often your data should be backed up
  • The risks of not backing up data effectively
  • The security implications of backing up data
  • The best methods for data backup, including cloud storage

As a further resource, you can also see Kit's webinar slides on backing up business data.

This webinar is also available as a podcast:

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