Webinar: Digital presenteeism

Learn about what digital presenteeism is and how it's affecting your workforce

"Thank you very much, a great informative chat." - Cher

Digital presenteeism (the pressure employees feel to always be available and online) has been a longstanding concern for employers with the rise of our 'always on', technology-focused culture. This issue and its effects on wellbeing have only been highlighted further by the recent shift to remote working.

So, how is digital presenteeism affecting your workforce and how can you address it? In this webinar for managers and HR professionals, join myhrtoolkit and guest speaker Stacey Mead FCIPD, HR Director at HR Dept Bristol, to learn more about digital presenteeism, including:

  • How digital presenteeism manifests and what to look out for
  • How to ensure employees maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • How remote working policies can help curb 'always on' culture

"Thank you for clarifying the difference between flex and presenteeism. Good response!" - Rebekah

You can also listen to this webinar on the go on our podcast:

Further resources

Access Stacey Mead's slides on digital presenteeism.

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