Webinar: What if you’re not Google? Attracting talent to your SME

How can you attract top talent to your SME when you're not a household name? We don't all have Google's budget when it comes to recruiting staff! But there are ways to make recruitment work more effectively for your small business setup.

In this free webinar for SMEs, Adrian McDonagh, who is the co-founder of recruitment business hireful, outlines:

  • How to attract talent when you don’t have an employer brand, have zero budget and limited resources
  • What hireful's data shows about how the best SMEs recruit
  • What candidates want from a potential employer
  • How to leverage the key advantages that an SME has over a global brand like Google

Further resources

See Adrian's slideshow on Attracting talent to your SME.

You can also read hireful's guide to writing good job ad copy.

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