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How to keep Millenials engaged at work

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Millenials, or Generation Y, are estimated to make up 75% of the workforce in the next 10 years. Millenials are the generation following Generation X and usually are considered to be anyone born from the early 1980’s up to the early 2000’s.

Millenials have grown up with technology, they have seen the rise of the mobile phone, the internet and computing, ranging from late teens to those in their early 30’s Millenials are tech savvy and have certain expectations, however they are also loyal and great brand ambassadors. This generation are now entering the work force and becoming key players in companies, so how can you keep Millenials engaged with your company?

Compared to their predecessors, the Baby boomers, Millenials prefer flexible working hours and ‘personal development’ time. They are considered the ‘no collar’ working class, from a MTV study, and are often misconstrued as having a bad attitude, not surprising when 75% of millenials feel their bosses could learn something from them and 65% of them feel they could be mentoring older colleagues when it comes to technology and the internet.

On the other side of this 89% want to be constantly learning at their job and over half would rather have no job than a job they hate.

Growing up in an era where information is accessible and at your fingertips Millenials thrive on knowledge and personal development as well as being great brand ambassadors for your company.

Millenials care about more than just profit margins, give them a brand to be proud of

Studies have shown that Millenials, although want to have a good salary and job security, they are invested in companies, more than just profits.

Millenials need a clear career path

89% of Millenials will work harder when they know where their career is going, set out clear goals and objectives using myhrtoolkit and training plans so your Gen Y staff can see what they are working towards personally as well as for the good of the company.

Millenials need attention, positive reinforcement and leadership confidence

Growing up with fast internet, social media and texting, Millenials work at a fast pace and often expect immediate responses, they are highly motivated but often impatient on the whole so putting in approval processes and feedback is a good way to keep this enthusiasm going. They are not used to the same office hierarchy’s as baby boomers, so they need to have confidence in their management team. HR software can help keep the structure as well as being online it is an easy and preferred interface for millenials to use.

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