Are employee birthdays and milestones worth celebrating?

Published on February 4, 2020 by Kate Taylor
Employee birthdays and milestones

One way of increasing employee engagement is to recognise and celebrate important employee milestones such as birthdays or work anniversaries. Birthday cakes, gift vouchers, and quirky, company-specific gifts and prizes can be gifted to staff as a way to give a little extra to employees for their contribution to the business.

However, businesses don’t have to spend money on expensive gifts or vouchers for employees’ birthdays - a simple ‘happy birthday’ message is often enough to make employees feel valued and that their contribution to the company is recognised.

Why are employee engagement strategies worth it?

Studies show that workplaces with employees who report high levels of job satisfaction are more productive than those who report low levels of job satisfaction. In short, having employees who are satisfied with their job results in a more motivated workforce, less absenteeism, and a lower rate of staff turnover.

For owners and managers of small businesses, keeping track of when somebody’s birthday or work-anniversary is can present a logistical - and administrative – challenge, especially as the business grows. HR software can make this easier by storing all of your employees’ data in one centralised database where you can easily access key information.

Myhrtoolkit also sends all managers a weekly email with a roundup of upcoming employee milestones such as any birthdays falling within the next week, allowing them to consistently and punctually send happy birthday and other celebratory messages to employees.

With employees reporting that the culture of their workplace is more important for how happy they feel with their jobs than how much they are paid, little things like celebrating an employee’s birthday or work anniversary can contribute to increasing job satisfaction. And this, in turn, will increase productivity and positively impact your bottom line.

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