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Published on July 17, 2018 by Fiona Sanderson
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HR reports are an important part of business decisions. Traditional data collection and storage practices often result in locking large amounts of paper away in filing cabinets. It would be fairly easy to find files related to specific employees. However, finding patterns within this web of data would be next to impossible.

Digital HR reporting software offers the best solution to this problem. You can input and retrieve relevant data in real-time, filtering and sorting it to produce useful information. The reports produced benefit organisations in 3 critical ways:

1. Identify weaknesses

Organisations won’t grow if weak links aren’t strengthened. HR departments act like a central hub where all departments report elements of the organisation that aren't working so that employees get training if necessary. For instance, the sales department may realise that 50% of the sales team can’t close a sale because they don’t have strong negotiation skills. This could be indicative of poor hiring practices or highlight the need for training this subset of the sales team in good negotiation techniques.

Another area of weakness HR departments must pay attention to is employee turnover patterns. A high turnover rate is indicative of the type of work environment people are working in. Identifying the issues with the work environment can help companies retain top employees.

2. Plan for the future

Experience teaches wisdom. Albert Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Myhrtoolkit allows you to have all your hiring and employee performance data in one place. Both pieces of data have an important link; the probability of an employee performing well in a role is highly dependent on them being the right fit from the get go.

Therefore, the requirements used to hire employees must change overtime. For instance, you may discover that someone with one year of experience as a graphic designer isn’t necessarily the best lead designer. Armed with this knowledge, you may change the requirements for future job posts to at least 3 years of experience in graphic design at the supervisory level.

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Future planning isn’t limited to changing job application requirements. It also includes predicting an organisation’s future hiring needs. Industries change, some more rapidly than others. Your organisation’s present hiring needs and the changing industry can help you start the headhunting process for future employees. You can only stay ahead of the game if you hire the right people at the right time.

3. Effectively track employee performance

Proactive HR managers spot issues before they become catastrophes. Helping employees who are drowning rise above the waters is an important part of this process. Each employee can’t grow if constant feedback and mentorship aren’t provided.  There are times when this may even mean reassigning people to more suitable roles. Our HR reporting software provides weekly reports that can help you determine how well employees are performing.

Myhrtoolkit provides robust HR reporting software that will transform your organisation. It’s a secure system that increases the efficiency of HR departments. Your HR manager will be able to compile reports that clearly identify the organisation’s weaknesses, facilitate future planning, and effectively track employee performance.

Find out more about how HR reporting software can help your business manage and analyse its HR activities.

HR reporting software

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