GDPR - Exporting employee data

GDPR and Exporting employee data

In accordance with GDPR requirements, myhrtoolkit allows personal data held about an employee to be extracted, predominantly in .csv format.

When exporting this information from your myhrtoolkit account, there are a few things to be borne in mind:

  • The majority of information can be extracted easily via the use of built in export spreadsheets.
  • Some desired data sets may require extracting manually.
  • There is a small amount of information that is more difficult or not possible to extract.

In addition to all available exports, myhrtoolkit offers the ‘myhome’ portal where they can review the majority of the information held about them.


Exporting Employee Data

Although the myhrtoolkit system is predominantly ‘screen’ based, many functions offer a download facility providing data in a .csv spreadsheet format.

Personal details can be downloaded from Management > Bulk data > People > Export employee personal data. Note that this will export the details of all employees. Other details, such as Emergency Contacts, can be similarly downloaded from their administrative pages in Bulk data.

Holiday and Absence data can be downloaded in CSV format via Management > Holidays > Employee holiday dates and Management > Reports > Absence reports > Sickness absence dates respectively. Both work by filtering for a specific year (along with any other filtering required); the Export to Excel link will download a file of the data presented on screen.

See our download locations support guide for a complete list of all available locations.


Manually extracted Information

These key areas can’t be exported via spreadsheets, but can obtained manually:

  • Individual documents (such as contracts, appraisal documents, etc) – these will require downloading on a per document basis. The documents are found in the Document Library and each of the function pages
  • The individual notes elements from areas such as Sickness records, Appraisals and Holidays – these can not be exported; if required, these will need to be manually copied from the pages they occur.

Note that where a contract with Myhrtoolkit is terminated, for whatever reason, access to documents may be gained for archiving purposes. For details see our guide for 'end of contract' archiving.


Information that cannot be accessed

This is generally audit and historical data, including but not limited to:

  • Date a document is opened and/or read and understood
  • The date a holiday request was accepted/declined
  • Message History from Comms
  • Previously completed appraisals
  • Audit information from Security Centre