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Published on October 13, 2021 by Camille Brouard

Myhrtoolkit moves in with the Agilio Group

Just some news on the latest from Team ’Toolkit – we have moved offices to be in the same building as our parent company Agilio!

Above you can see a cross-section of our team outside our new offices - Cliff Hewson from our Marketing Team, Melanie Hartley from the Accounts team, Simon Ross from the Sales team, and our Managing Director, Bob Teasdale.

We enjoyed our time at the Shoreham Street office, but have now settled into the Agilio offices in Brightside, also based in our hometown of Sheffield.

The myhrtoolkit team are pleased to join forces with Agilio more effectively by sharing the same office space, enabling more meetings and communication across the group.

Myhrtoolkit and Agilio

Myhrtoolkit was acquired by the Agilio Group, with backing from August Equity, in April 2021 to add depth to their HR product portfolio.

Agilio are already a market leader in supplying compliance, e-learning and HR solutions to the Dental, Hospital and GP sectors; they were looking to add a strong core HR software product to complement their healthcare offering – and that’s where we came in.

Myhrtoolkit has continued to be a distinct business, but now with the backing and resources of the larger group to help us grow as an HR software provider. Along with the acquisition, myhrtoolkit’s founder Jon Curtis became and Bob Teasdale, who has been with the business since 2013, became our Managing Director.

So, what’s next for myhrtoolkit? Well, we’re all settled into the new offices and our hybrid working routine (which you can read more about on the link below).

As always, we’ll be offering our helpful HR software product to our fantastic customers, while working on new developments and additions with more resources than we’ve ever had before. Watch this space!

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