How to allocate a Controller to a Manager - Controllers

Strictly speaking, because a Controller can see all information about all people, they cannot be allocated directly to a Manager.

However, this short guide highlights two potential ‘workarounds’ which will allow you to allocate a Controller (system administrator) to a Manager.


An organisation wants to allocate a Manager within myhrtoolkit to an individual who is a Controller.

Solution 1: Make the Manager a Controller

One potential solution is to consider making the required Manager a Controller as well. In this way, the Manager will be able to see the other person’s record. The suitability of this will depend on the size and structure of the company and the levels of those involved.

Solution 2: Create a second account for the Controller

Alternatively, the existing Controller could be setup with two accounts – one purely as a Controller with a minimum of personal details and second account as a User with all personal data attached to it. This latter account could then be allocated to a Manager in the normal way.

Note – any ‘private’ notes made by a Manager on this user account would be viewable by the individual when logged on as a Controller.

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