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Bulk Data management guide

The Bulk Data feature on the Management Toolbar allows a Controller to make changes to many user accounts from a centralised place, rather than visiting each employee via Employee Files.

For instance, if a department is splitting and some employees are moving location, rather than going to each individual employee’s file page in that department and updating their location, you can use the Manage Users function of Bulk Data to select all relevant employees to make the update.

Functions available within Bulk Data

Bulk Data allows fast access for quick updates of the following areas:



company information

Allows for updating of Line Manager, Employee Number, National Insurance Number, and DBS Number across multiple users

payroll number

Update user payroll numbers in one place




manage users

Allow for the updating of user information regarding Location, Department, Job Title etc. as well as a dedicated form for updating individual users without going back to Employee Files

system email

Provides fast updating of users’ System Emails and whether that email address is ‘Shared

shared computer

Update user status regarding use of shared computers. This includes provision for updating the user’s Private Email Address, rather than having to visit a separate page or function to update it.

employee photo

Update Employee Photos without resorting to Employee Files

email address

Allows for updating of Work Email Address and Personal Email Address across multiple users


Update user addresses in one place


Update user telephone numbers; useful if, for instance, bulk editing internal extension numbers.

Covers Telephone 1 (Work), Extension No., Telephone 2 (Home), Mobile (Work), and Mobile (Private)

You can also update emergency contacts without multiple visits to Employee Files




employee directory

Provides quick updating of users who will show in your Employee Directory

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