Displaying messages in the Calendar

Using calendar alerts, a Controller can display messages onto the employees’ Calendar to advise on important events and/or discourage taking holidays on those dates. Only controllers can setup calendar alerts.

Quick summary

You can setup calendar alerts as follows –

  • Navigate to Config > System > Calendar.
  • Click on the Calendar alert button to add a new alert.
  • Enter the alert details, date(s), and alert colour.
  • Click on the Add calendar alert button when finished.

You can also edit and update alerts from this area.

Detailed instructions

Go to Config > System > Calendar.

Setting up calendar alerts on myhrtoolkit

Click on the Calendar alert button to add a new alert.

Add a new calendar alert

Enter the details of the alert. Then enter the date, or date range, in which you want the alert to appear. In the example below, employees are advised of a Christmas shutdown from 23rd of December 2016 to 29th of December 2016.

Choose an alert colour (red, yellow or green) to establish the importance of the alert. Click the Add calendar alert button when done.

Submit a calendar alert

Calendar alert notifications

Within the Config area, you can also choose whether holiday managers are notified when an employee requests holiday on a date where there is a Calendar alert.

The alerts themselves do not stop someone booking a holiday, but will discourage unnecessary bookings.

Send notifications to managers

The alert is now visible to everyone, as seen in Myhome > Holidays > Calendar.

Calendar alerts in staff holiday planner

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