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Displaying messages in attendance chart

Using calendar alerts, a controller can display messages onto employees’ holiday chart to advise on important events and/or discourage taking holidays on those dates. Only controllers can setup calendar alerts.

Quick summary

You can setup calendar alerts in setup & admin as follows –

  • Navigate to setup & admin > Calendar alerts.
  • Click on Add new alert.
  • Enter the date(s). The message to be displayed is entered in the alert box.
  • Submit when done.
  • The alert is now set. You can confirm by going to myhome > holidays > holiday chart.

Detailed instructions

Go to setup & admin and click on calendar alerts.

calendar alerts

Click on add new alert.

calendar alerts

Enter the date, or date range, in which you want the alert to appear. In the example below, employees are advised of Christmas shutdown from 23rd of December 2013 to 29th of December 2013. The message to be displayed in entered into the “Alert” box. The background colours can be used to emphasise the importance of the message. Click Submit when done.

calendar alerts

The process is now complete, though the alert can be edited or deleted as needed. Using the tick boxes, you can also chose which bookings will trigger alerts to an employee’s manager. Both boxes can be cleared if you do not want managers to get notifications as a result of the alerts.

calendar alerts

The alert is now visible to everyone, as seen in myhome > holidays > holiday chart.

calendar alerts

When an employee books a holiday on dates with an alert specified, the system will flag it up.

calendar alerts

A manager trying to authorise the holiday will also be warned. The alerts themselves do not stop someone booking a holiday, but will discourage unnecessary bookings.

calendar alerts
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