Managing access to the calendar - Controllers

myhrtoolkit holiday management planner


Myhrtoolkit has a calendar facility to enable users to see who is on leave or has requested a holiday before they make their own requests.

Controllers can manage access to the calendar by navigating to Config > System > Calendar.

Restricting employee access to the calendar

Access to the Calendar can be turned off completely for employees by clicking on the Setting slider icon in the Employee access to calendar box.

Restricting access to the calendar

Where access to the Calendar has been allowed for employees, further restrictions can be made so that employees can see –

  • Everyone;
  • Everyone in the employee’s department only;
  • Everyone in the employee’s location only;
  • Everyone in the employee’s department AND everyone in the employee’s location;
  • Everyone who is BOTH in the employee’s department AND their location.

Restricting managers’ access to the Calendar

While it is not possible to restrict access for employees on an individual basis, it is possible to do so for managers.

Restrict manager access to staff calendar

Restricting controllers’ access to the Calendar

Controllers will see all employees’ holidays. There are no restrictions that can be set for controllers.

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