How to change your username or password

Myhrtoolkit mandates a username of 8 characters or more. This guide shows how users, who are already logged in, can change their username or password.

It is often easier to use your email addresses for a username, but if you feel creative you will need to choose a name that has not been taken by someone else.

Note – Our guide on resetting user password has instructions for if a password has been forgotten. Forgotten usernames can only be recovered by controllers in your organisation. Staff at myhrtoolkit are unable to reset or recover usernames or passwords.

Quick summary

  1. Login in to myhrtoolkit in the normal way.
  2. From the Account menu button towards the top-right of the screen, click the Login details item.
  3. Change and/or confirm your username to reveal the password section of the page. You will be notified of any errors with the username.

    Change username on myhrtoolkit

  4. You can change your password as needed.

    Change password on myhrtoolkit

  5. When ready, press Submit

The system will tell you if the change was successful or not. Click on the link below for step by step instructions complete with screenshots.

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