How To: Converting TOIL to Holiday

In myhrtoolkit, holiday and TOIL are kept separated. However, a user’s TOIL can be manually transferred to their holiday account.

TOIL is entered by managers as it is worked here: management dashboard > holidays > accrued TOIL.

screenshot - accrued TOIL

This allows complete record of all TOIL to be recorded and comments added. The system keeps a rolling record of the amount banked.

Note – A full guide to TOIL can be found here

Redeeming TOIL

If TOIL is taken as TOIL, the employee can request it in a very similar way to holiday or managers can enter it directly. Managers approve requests at management dashboard > holidays > TOIL requests.

If you want to convert TOIL to holiday, you can cancel TOIL from the TOIL account at management dashboard > holidays > TOIL dates and add a note to the effect that it has been converted to holiday.

Then go to management dashboard > holidays > holiday in lieu / carried-over. This will allow you to add extra periods to a user’s entitlement and a comment can be added.

screenshot - convert TOIL to Holiday


  • TOIL is always in hours, but a user’s holiday may be in days or hours.
  • Converting TOIL in this way only adds it to the current year and avoids amending a user’s standard holiday entitlement, which rolls on year to year.